Brim / Snaps / mukou / mu
adult (1994) / non-binary genderless (its/they) (dont refer to me as enby)
I'm very true neutral

Feral erotica and fetish artist.
I primarily draw ferals, which I define as creatures that are animals or the animal-equivalent of a word/universe. Not all necessarily quad, as birds fall into this category as well.
All animals are sentient, however I draw characters with questionable or no sapients as well.
My fursonas, for example, cannot speak any tongue or understand things on a metaphysical level, but they are a able to learn and connect with people similar to a wild Pokémon.

1. FORMAL wise, or attempting to appear wise.
2. relating to the human species ( Homo sapiens ).
able to perceive or feel things.

Commission info & prices!

Commissions paid through Paypal Invoice.
Please send me a DM/Note with which type of comission you'd like, a colored reference image and your paypal email!


B&W Sketches$50

Commission turn around time varies, I try my best to keep no one waiting past a month, but things happen. Feel free to ask for an update anytime.

Terms of Service

-You must be 18 years old to do business with me.
-All payments are to be made in full.
-I start once payment is paid.
-My style can vary. I like to experiment and draw in different ways, if you'd like your commission to look like a specific piece, please link it and i'll mimic the process/style!
-Please have an accurate, up to date, and clear reference image.
-I will do edits free of charge for mistakes made on my befault, ie: Details that are present on references given that I missed
-Design edits requested that are missing from the reference given will cost extra.
-After you recieve your commission, you are free to re-post to other sites, use as icons/banners/etc, get stickers/tshirts/etc of for PERSONAL use, and edit my art any way you see fit. Please just credit me as the original artist!
-You do not have the right to use my work for commercial use.

WILL draw
-Pretty much anything!

Will NOT draw
-NSFW art for ANYONE under the age of 18.

Adoptable / Design Terms of Service
I am very lenient on my adopts, all I ask is that you do not claim the design as yours, even if changes are made.

You may:
-Resell design for same price
-Change design
-Change species
-Draw it however you want
-Do anything, really!

You may not:
-Resell for more you purchased for, even if it comes with more art

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A non exhaustive list of kinks I like to draw, would like to draw more of, and kinks I have no interest in drawing and will not draw

LOVEWant to drawWill drawno thx
Micro cocksleevesXxxOooPaws
Gore / bloodxxxoooPee